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Our vineyards

… And biodynamics in all that?

We have implemented many biodynamic processes since switching to organic cultivation, including the use of plants, in the form of infusions, decoctions and purins, for treating the vines. Work on the vines and on the wine itself, is, whenever possible, decided in accordance with the lunar cycle.

We obtained certification in 2020, the idea being that it was time to complete the organic transition process, which had begun some 20 years earlier.

A range of biodynamic preparations are sprayed onto our soils or plants:

  • The 500: horn manure is sprayed directly onto the soil, to boost its biodiversity and fertility. This is an essential preparation, which will bring the vines into a dynamic relationship with the soil.
  • The 500P: 500P is a horn manure enhanced with six preparations normally used for compost and is applied alongside the 500 preparation.
  • The 501: this is horn silica, another essential part of the biodynamic process. Made of finely ground quartz meal, it is sprayed directly onto the growing vine and helps stabilise the plant and fortify the cells and tissues, while boosting its immune system to enhance its health. It is used in conjunction with the 500 preparation.

In 2004, while the estate was transitioning from the SCHMITT generation to the CARRER generation, Sylvie and Roland decided to set off in a new direction, converting 3 ha of parcels to organic agriculture, thus joining the 1% of Alsatian winemakers who have taken the same path since the early 2000s.

Three years later, the positive results offered a convincing argument for the rest of the family estate to follow the same track.

The soils are mechanically tilled, leaving plant cover every other row to encourage deep root penetration and help the vines draw up specific mineral elements which will express the characteristics of the different terroirs.

Copper and sulphur solutions are used alongside plant extracts and essential oils to prevent fungal diseases, such as mildew and powdery mildew. These also help stimulate the immune system and reduce vine vulnerability to pest attacks.

Preparation of the Easter horsetail, which will be sprayed on the ground before the full Easter moon
Spraying dung directly onto the ground

It seems natural to us to leave a heritage of a living vineyard, which enjoys a dynamic relationship with its terroir and ecosystem and which acts in harmony with all the elements that comprise it.


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